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Welcome to Live Free Church. We’re so glad you are here.

Sundays 10am At The Grand 10 Cinemas (948 McCurdy) 


Making Jesus known in Kelowna

Welcome to Live Free Church! Whatever your age or life story, you are welcome!

Our mission is simple: A church in pursuit of the unchurched.

 This is your guide for all things Live Free Church. Glad you are here. Enjoy!

Why Kelowna?

Why start a new Church in Kelowna? Isn’t there already enough Churches here? We don’t think so. Live Free is passionate about reaching the unreached in Kelowna. We are passionate about reaching 100,000 people who don’t know Jesus yet.  

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Community groups are small gatherings of 10-12 people that meet all over Kelowna to hang out, talk about life and develop real relationships.  

We have a group for you.


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