Strength in Weakness

A series in 1 Peter. 

Title: How to grow in the gospel.  

Passage: 1 Peter 1:22-2:3  

Speaker: Kolby Milton 

In Kelowna in 2020 wether we like it or not, we are growing up.  We are growing up in a pandemic.  But regardless we are growing.  Here’s what I want to look at today. I would like to look strictly at the very fact of this in verse 2 of chapter two, where it says, “Like newborn babies … grow up …” That’s what it’s saying that there is an order to growth, just like human growth. 


What does that mean? Before we talk about how to grow up as a Christian, I’m afraid if I jump right into it, people are so very practical. We’re actually worse than that; we’re pragmatic. We want to know the bottom line, how to do things. We want to know techniques. Before we run to techniques we have to see what the heck it is we’re trying to accomplish, what this growth is trying to accomplish in and through us. 


You can download the community group questions here.